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Thursday, September 07, 2006

Windows Vista is looking promising

Windows Vista RC1 seems to be making a good impression. The biggest issue people had with the previous releases was stability. This seems to have been improved and it's now almost a usable operating system.

I've personally been put off testing the OS due to the stability issues. Now this is becoming less of an issue, it may be time to create some VM to see how it holds up.

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Friday, September 01, 2006

A sheep in wolf's clothing?

So, according to the headlines, a new browser has been developed (called "browzar" - suitably Ali G) which allows surfers to move about the internet without leaving a single trace of where they've been. This is apparently because the history is deleted the moment you close the browser; rather like the setting you can have in any other browser, then. (Tools/Internet Options/Advanced tab in IE6).

But dig a little deeper into the article and you find that this "new" browser is nothing more than an IE Shell - a skin, if you like, wrapped around the standard IE browser that comes as part of windows.

How can this be launched as a new product? IT companies such as Compsoft spend huge amounts of time building software, creating something new for a specific market or use. And yet a simple skin around an already ubiquitous piece of free software that every Windows user already has, hits front page news!

And it doesn't even work properly...

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