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Monday, October 09, 2006


We had a recent engagement with a supplier, offering a service to Compsoft that required a deep understanding of our business. That supplier knew their offering well and provided excellent service to a wide range of clients.

With Compsoft, they failed - why?

Because they didn't understand our business. They didn't have a strong grasp of our strategy or our market. Or of what makes Compsoft unique. Who our clients are and why what we do is so critical to their business.

It failed because they didn't immerse themselves in our business, just took a superficial view of our requirements.

The experience brought in to sharp focus Compsoft's method of engagement with a client.

We're creating a unique piece of software that matches a business' unique needs, those that usually set them apart from their competitors. After all, if the requirements aren't unique, why on earth would a bespoke system be the right choice?

Our Project Managers, Developers and I take great care in understanding the business we're engaging with, the market in which it operates and what the plans are for growth.

It's critical to successful outcome that we completely engage in, understand and share that companies' vision.

Without understanding, without working hard to maintain a dialogue of feedback and reinforcement, without regular project meetings, we'd deliver something that matched the specification but not the vision.

And that would be a failure.

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